Schiel Tournament 6/27

Dates: Saturday, June 26th – Sunday, June 27th

NOTE: All Players must wear turf shoes or plastic cleats on the pitching mounds and in the homeplate areas of the fields (primarily WHEN pitching and hitting).  Metal spikes can only be worn when playing in the natural surface areas of the field.

Field Locations:

Schiel Complex – 22515 Schiel Rd., Cypress, TX 77433 — SR1 (Field #1)

Schiel Complex – 22515 Schiel Rd., Cypress, TX 77433 — SR2 (Field #2)

Schiel Complex – 22515 Schiel Rd., Cypress, TX 77433 — SR3 (Field #3)

Schiel Complex – 22515 Schiel Rd., Cypress, TX 77433 — SR4 (Field #4)

Each team must supply two new game balls per game
All games are 1:40 time limit finish the inning
Run rules are 10 after 4, or 8 after 5
Gate fee is $10 per person per day (players in tournament – free, 2 coaches from each team – free, children under 6 years of age – free)

You must present a ticket when exiting and then reentering the Schiel Complex.

18u Pool A Teams
Express Red
HTB Pizano
HTB 2023
Next Level
Correa Baseball
18u Pool A Schedule    
Sat 6/26/2110AMSR2HTB 2023 – 13Express Red – 3
Sat 6/26/2112PMSR2Express Red – 0 Next Level – 10
Sat 6/26/212PMSR2Vendetta – 4HTB 2023 – 5
Sat 6/26/214PMSR2Next Level – 14Correa Baseball – 0
Sat 6/26/216PMSR2Correa Baseball – 0HTB Pizano – 3
Sat 6/26/218PMSR2HTB Pizano – 4Vendetta – 16
Sun 6/27/218AMSR1Express RedVendetta
Sun 6/27/218AMSR3Next Level – 9HTB Pizano – 3
Sun 6/27/2110AMSR1HTB PizanoExpress Red
Sun 6/27/2110AMSR3HTB 2023Next Level
Sun 6/27/2112PMSR3VendettaCorrea Baseball
Sun 6/27/212PMSR3Correa BaseballHTB 2023
Sun 6/27/218PMSR2Winner of Pool AWinner of Pool B
18U Pool A Standings    
 WinsLossesTiesWin %
HTB 2023200100%
Next Level200100%
HTB Pizano11050%
Express Red0200%
Correa Baseball0200%
18u Pool B Teams
Express Black
G51 Razorbacks
HTB Espinoza
18u Pool B Schedule    
Sat 6/26/219AMSR4Mustangs – 3HTB Espinoza – 6
Sat 6/26/2111AMSR4Express Blk – 4Mustangs – 3
Sat 6/26/211PMSR4G51 Razorbacks – 9Express Blk – 3
Sat 6/26/213PMSR4HTB Espinoza – 4Bluechips – 6
Sat 6/26/215PMSR4Bluechips – 4G51 Razorbacks – 5
Sun 6/27/2112PMSR1Express BlkHTB Espinoza 
Sun 6/27/212PMSR1BluechipsExpress Blk
Sun 6/27/214PMSR1BluechipsMustangs
Sun 6/27/214PMSR3HTB EspinozaG51 Razorbacks
Sun 6/27/216PMSR1MustangsG51 Razorbacks
Sun 6/27/218PMSR2Winner of Pool AWinner of Pool B
18U Pool B Standings    
 WinsLossesTiesWin %
G51 Razorbacks200100%
HTB Espinoza11050%
Express Black11050%
16u Pool A Teams
Express Black
TMBA Futures
Warriors Blue
Diamond Kings
16u Pool A Schedule    
Sat 6/26/2110AMSR1HTB Gil – 4Bluechips – 4
Sat 6/26/2112PMSR1Bluechips – 11Express Blk – 0
Sat 6/26/212PMSR1Express Blk – 1HTB Gil – 9
Sat 6/26/214PMSR1Warriors Blue – 0Diamond Kings – 15
Sat 6/26/216PMSR1Diamond Kings – 12TMBA – 2
Sat 6/26/218PMSR1TMBA – 5Warriors Blue – 1
Sun 6/27/218AMSR2Diamond KingsBluechips
Sun 6/27/2110AMSR2Warriors Blue – 0Bluechips – 19
Sun 6/27/2112PMSR2Express BlkDiamond Kings
Sun 6/27/212PMSR2TMBAExpress Blk
Sun 6/27/214PMSR2HTB GilWarriors Blue
Sun 6/27/216PMSR2HTB GilTMBA
Sun 6/27/218PMSR1Winner of Pool AWinner of Pool B
16U Pool A Standings    
 WinsLossesTiesWin %
Diamond Kings200100%
HTB Gil10175%
TMBA Futures11050%
Express Black0200%
Warriors Blue0200%
16u Pool B Teams
HTB Palacios
Correa Baseball
Express Red
Warriors Red
16u Pool B Schedule    
Sat 6/26/219AMSR3Express Red – 2HTB Palacios – 5
Sat 6/26/2111AMSR3Vendetta – 12Express Red – 0
Sat 6/26/211PMSR3HTB Palacios – 0Warriors Red – 8
Sat 6/26/213PMSR3Correa Baseball – 5Vendetta – 2
Sat 6/26/215PMSR3Warriors Red – 15Correa Baseball – 8
Sun 6/27/218AMSR4Correa Baseball – 13Express Red – 3
Sun 6/27/2110AMSR4Express RedWarriors Red
Sun 6/27/2112PMSR4HTB PalaciosCorrea Baseball
Sun 6/27/212PMSR4Warriors RedVendetta
Sun 6/27/214PMSR4VendettaHTB Palacios
Sun 6/27/218PMSR1Winner of Pool AWinner of Pool B
16U Pool B Standings    
 WinsLossesTiesWin %
Warriors Red200100%
HTB Palacios11050%
Correa Baseball11050%
Express Red0200%